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Smooth Ride Ahead : Expert Wheel Balancing Service For Your Car

Looking For Wheel Balancing Coventry For Your Vehicle?

When a wheel is unbalanced, it can cause the entire vehicle to vibrate, which can be felt in the steering wheel, seat, and even the floorboards. This vibration can be uncomfortable and make it difficult to control the vehicle, especially at higher speeds. So, make sure your car wheels are perfectly balanced. For perfect wheel/tyre assembly choose wheel balance checks at regular intervals from a professional garage.

At Lavender Hall Auto Repairs, our trained professionals offer amazing vehicle services using advanced tools and techniques. You can contact us on 01676 533013 for wheel balancing Coventry at affordable prices. Our technicians use advanced wheel balancers to offer an authentic and immediate wheel balancing service.

Symptoms Of Wheel Imbalance

Here are some of the most common signs to watch out for:


One of the most common symptoms of a wheel imbalance is a vibration in the steering wheel, floor board , or the seats. The vibration typically starts at a certain speed and becomes more noticeable as you accelerate.

Uneven tyre Wear

Wheel imbalance can cause uneven tyre wear, which is often seen as bald spots or wear on one side of the tyre.

Steering Wheel Wobble

If you feel a wobble in the steering wheel when you drive, it could also be a sign of wheel imbalance.

Some other indications of unbalanced wheels also include:

  • Reduced fuel efficiency
  • Difficulty in handling
  • Noise from the tyres, etc.

How Do We Conduct Wheel Balancing At Lavender Hall Auto Repairs?

Our professionals have years of experience balancing car wheels using the latest equipment. Here are the steps we follow while balancing faulty wheels:

  • First, we dismount the wheel/tyre assembly from your car.
  • Next, we fit them on an advanced wheel balancing machine.
  • With this machine our professional will rotate the wheels at high speed.
  • We will note down the readings and measurements as required.

After apprehending the data, we will fit small counterweights to the rims. After a second spin in the balancing machine if the measurements are correct, the wheels are re-fitted.

Please note: We conduct wheel balancing as a standard practice every time we fit new tyres or carry out a seasonal tyre swap.

Why Us?

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  • We offer personalised suggestions to every client.
  • Our pricing structure is absolutely budget-friendly.
  • We focus on 100% client satisfaction to enhance your experience.
  • We render an online booking facility too.

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